Electroplating mainly used for electrical applications.
It has good corrosion resistance but is easily oxidizable, even though this does not alter its excellent electrical conductivity.
Electroplating is protected with passivation to resolve this problem. Supergalvanica uses a chemical protection process without chrome and solvents.
This process produces a non-phosphoric monomolecular film that has self-lubricating properties without influencing weldability and electrical contact resistance.
Its surface tends to look particularly shiny and white, reflecting the characteristics of its base material.


Alkaline bath that does not use inorganic additives, thus obtaining a very pure deposit. Moreover, silver coating provides excellent weldability and surface hardness of up to 130 Vikers.
Rack plating up to 2 metres in length and barrel plating for small items.
Possible on all types of metal and in particular aluminium. Various thicknesses available. Certificates issued for all work carried out.